Shizuku – Drop

Now I’ll talk a little about Shizuku, the first game in the Leaf Visual Novel series.

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As I said in the Kizuato post, Shizuku originally came out in 1996, and had a remake in 2004, with voices and new designs and some script changes (most notably znxvat gur Gfhxvfuvznf fvoyvatf abg oybbq-eryngrq). Is this new version what is being reviewed here (though I’m guessing most of what will be said would apply to the 1996 version too).

Main theme

Nagase Yuusuke is a student that considers the daily routine absolutely tedious, and finds more interesting to have delusions of world destruction rather than listen in class. However, when the class idol suddenly stands up in class, starts to mutter obscene talk, and claws her face, after which loses reason and is hospitalized, he gets fascinated and somewhat envious of this girl who could open the “door to the madness”.

It seems she was involved in some strange nocturnal activities in the school, and wasn’t alone; so his uncle, one of the professors, asks him to investigate. Yuuichi meets then Tsukishima Ruriko, a girl who used to be very popular but since a year ago became very strange, and who tells him about the “electromagnetic waves” (denpa), that he surely should be able to use. He also meets two other girls who had information about these people who meet at night in the school grounds and about this girl who became mad.

So we have a very strong start. The mystery is presented at the very beginning, and it’s intriguing. And the title BGM strongly helps to the atmosphere. The main character’s delusions are also pretty cool.

Regrettably, the game then doesn’t quite live up to that. You enter a route, and then discover the cause of the mystery, which turns out to be… somewhat underwhelming. Not as interesting as the original situation was, in any case. And then the second route is basically the same, but with another girl as partner. You can then play the third route, which develops further the background and motivations behind the villain, and isn’t really too bad all things considered, but doesn’t add much besides that. Maybe if that was the only route the game would have been better, but by that point the damage was already done.

About the ero, though the scenes are not really bad (although I guess that depends on the player’s tastes), they’re very abundant, a fair amount of them rape. Considerable more than Kizuato, which already had a somewhat high H scenes quantity.

So despite the interesting beginning, I found the game mostly unimpressive. I wouldn’t rate it better than 5.5 out of 10.

EDIT: Fixed protagonist name

4 Responses to “Shizuku – Drop”

  1. Not enough denpa to go around…
    Perhaps you can review Tsui no sora/Divi-dead next?

    • Haven’t played Tsui no Sora, and I’m conflicted on if playing it, since Subarashiki Hibi seems to be better.
      Divi-dead I played but a long time ago so I don’t remember much (only that it was somewhat -or much- of a chore to go through the different routes). And since is translated there should be some reviews floating around.

  2. Most memorable part would be Nobuo Tobita doing his character’s “SEX, SEX, EVERYONE KEEP HAVING SEX” speech. It got so out of hand that people started pasting the audio over clips from Zeta Gundam.

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