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MYTH is a 2008 weird visual novel by doujin group Circletempo.

Not the opening

Tanabe Meito is a psychology student in the “World of Light”, a completely ordered world were people don’t have a shadow. He’s not entirely satisfied, though; and when he meets a girl with a shadow called Shimon he ends going with her to the “World of Shadow”, a rural village where the people are shadows, and Shimon is the only one with both body and shadow. Right after that they meet two other persons with body and shadow: a girl with no memories, who they finally name Sou, and a woman also with no memories but who recalls being called Riri. Then they start living together in Shimon’s house, and have mostly slice-of-life happenings while they investigate a mysterious voice Meito heard just before going to the World of Shadow, and Meito gets used to the shadow people. And while that’s happening you have scenes of a boy who lives with his mother, who eats him, until he discover eating is love, eats her, and goes out into the outer world.

Then things get real trippy, and nothing else makes any sense, until the very end, or ever.

Making sense is for wusses

As I said at the beginning, MYTH is weird. Very weird. Probably one of the most peculiar things I’ve ever seen, in any medium.

First of all, it’s very unconventional. There’s very little romance to speak off, and it’s not really central. There are no “winnable” heroines. There’s only a single H scene, and it’s an avoidable delusion of some teasing (makes one wonder why putting it in the first place). This doesn’t mean it’s close to all ages; there’s some pretty disturbing stuff there, though all in the narration (somewhat like Higurashi/Umineko).

Not for children

And then there’s the plot. MYTH is somewhat like a puzzle, in that you have to put all the pieces together. Only it’s actually three puzzles, and you don’t know from which one is each piece, and you don’t have all the pieces.

And it’s not like the difficulty comes because the main characters act cryptically; they usually know even less of the situation than the player. Maybe like you are actually one of the pieces of the puzzle. Maybe I’m taking too far the puzzle analogy.

The point is, MYTH it won’t make things easy for you, ever. I’d say it’s closer to a thought exercise than to an actual story. It also leaves *a lot* of things not really explained. Indeed it requires a significant effort from part of the player.

But if you are  willing to give that effort, if you are actually interested in a thought exercise, then it’s worth it. In rating this, I think you could make a case for a 9 or a 2 all the same. But even if I’m still somewhat ambivalent towards the whole experience, I must admit it was fascinating, and so utterly unlikely anything else.

So, if you want light entertainment, or things to easily make sense, you are probably better off skipping this. But if you want your mind to be tantalized, and like the idea of having to think things really through, then I’d heavily recommend this.

Note on Aguni: vndb lists Aguni as a prequel of MYTH, and it’s true. However, I’d recommend not reading it prior to this. Once you finish MYTH’s first chapter, you unlock Aguni, and reading it there fits better in the story progression. The Aguni included in MYTH doesn’t includes the bad endings, though, which are interesting on their own, so checking the original is also worth it. Also, MYTH’s version has the parent’s resolution of 640×480 instead of 800×600.

6 Responses to “MYTH”

  1. Believe it or not, I had been waiting for your review of MYTH. I wanted to see how you would’ve described it.
    Your review is pretty good, but I personally wouldn’t have talked so “in detail” about Boku and I wouldn’t have added the first screenshot: I think they’re both somewhat spoilers. Feel free to ignore me, anyways.

    However, as far as I remember, he never discovers “eating is love”: it’s the girl the one who “teaches” him that, but only after he has already met that chained guy.

    I wish that H scene wasn’t ever written: it ruined such a great game…

    The second screenshot… man, that really IS a creepy scene. I personally and arbitrarily think that Saya no Uta is a story for childreen in comparison with scenes like that. I can’t really say why, because I don’t want to spoil anything about the two games. Let’s only say I can forgive and understand the bad conduct of the “villain” in Saya (just think about their “true nature”), but here we’re talking about more “normal” people: that’s why their deeds seem to me creepier. Just a personal opinion, though.

    Probably, you should talk a little about the third puzzle. And no, I don’t think the player is a piece of the puzzle.

    Uhm, it seems I’m the only one who thinks reading Aguni first is betterXD

    You’ve done a good job with you review, anyway!

    ps: I’m really happy they decided to create a new movie for the final product to replace the one you posted here.

    • Thanks for the comment.

      I wouldn’t go as far as to say that the H scene ruined the game, but it’s true that it’s pretty pointless. And it’s true that leaving it out would have made a “cleaner” game (though as far as things go that scene is very light, compared with other scenes).
      The scene of that screenshot, along with the detailed descriptions of the eating at the very beginning, are maybe some of the most disturbing things I’ve read. Indeed more so than Saya no Uta.
      The puzzle thing was just a somewhat overused metaphor, you shouldn’t think too much on it. In any case, in my reviews I try to talk more about the experience and impressions that about the concrete plot. I don’t think I talked so much about the boy, though you may be right about the “eating is love” thing.
      I do think, however, that one of the interesting things is how little the main characters know (there are exceptions), unlike maybe other non linear stories. I didn’t mention it, but the central theme of the plot could be described as “The protagonist tries to discover the real nature of the world”. An that ends up making as much of a mind screw as you could expect from such a plot.
      I think reading Aguni first would somewhat spoil the first chapter. Though that’s maybe a minor part in the grand scheme of things.
      ps: The game opening is certainly better. Actually, I don’t know where the one I posted is from, but it was the only version in youtube. In any case, both versions suffer from becoming wholly inadequate after the first chapter; though I can’t figure how something that could reference the whole game could be. Also, they lie. V zrna, jung’f gur qrny bs gur PTf bs Fuvzba naq Zrvgb ubyqvat unaqf, naq Fuvzba qvfnccrnevat? Znxrf bar guvax Fuvzba vf gur znva urebvar, be fbzrguvat.

  2. Well, I read Aguni before and I didn’t have any problem with it. It was indeed interesting to read them in this order. Anyways, it doesn’t matter.
    I think that the writer changed too many things while writing the scenario. If you use the wayback machine with the official site of MYTH you will see a few CGs drawned but never used. For example, n srj UPTf naq gur bar va juvpu Uvovxv uhtf Fuvzba lbh pna frr va gur ivqrb lbh cbfgrq. Naq gurer ner bgure arire hfrq vzntrf lbh pna frr rira va gur svany zbivr. Sbe rknzcyr, gurer’f ab fprar va juvpu Zrvgb naq Fuvzba jnyx unaq va unaq be jurer Fuvzba naq Zrvgb’f unaqf pbzr hagvrq (gur ynfg vzntr bs gur svany zbivr)

    However, you can see in the official site this:
       ・・・・・ ムービー制作協力 ・・・・・

     デモムービー  毛利対空
     OPムービー  神月社

    So the movie you posted was only a demo.

    ps: how am I supposed to understand “V zrna, jung’f gur qrny bs gur PTf bs Fuvzba naq Zrvgb ubyqvat unaqf, naq Fuvzba qvfnccrnevat? Znxrf bar guvax Fuvzba vf gur znva urebvar, be fbzrguvat.”?XD

      It’s mostly things you already said, though.
      It’s also interesting to see the MYTH preview that was in Aguni. From how the first chapter differs from the rest, and from that, it seems to me they had an original idea for the game that then got sidetracked and forgotten. Maybe to be expected, if they took 3 years to make the game.

      • Ops, you’re right: it could be considered a spoiler. Feel free to edit my post.
        Anyways, that’s my favorite OP so far.

  3. […] My interest was automatically piqued upon seeing Luck Ganriki’s name in the OP video. He’s one of the prominent composers from Umineko, Higanbana, and Rose Guns Days. According to the MangaGamer, it should appeal to fans of Higurashi. The VN’s premise sounds quite intriguing, as well as this review: […]

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