Shukufuku no Campanella

Shukufuku no Campanella is a 2009 game by Windmill.

vndb EGS

Main character Leicester is a skillful artificer in an adventurer clan in the prosperous island of Ert’Aria, along with osananajimi Carina, the guild president and daughter of the island’s Duke, who acts most of the time all formal, but sometimes slips, and Nick, big man who likes axes. The clans are like guilds which do quests on demand, like protection, monster extermination, or rare materials fetching. The monsters they exterminate are animal mutated by Ale jewels, crystallizations of the Ale, the magic energy which is the power source of the artifacts and of most of the civilization actually. The game starts just when the harvest festival is going to happen, which is extra big this year because of an Ale shower, which happens only once every seven years, is also happening. So the clan members, along with automaton (moving and sentient artifacts) making prodigy Agnes, no sense of direction knight Chelsea and the extremely young looking Leicester’s mother Sherry, go to see the shower on top of the cathedral. A big meteor falls in the cathedral tower, and when they go to see what happened, they see a human-shaped automaton, loli Minette, who calls Leicester papa. She is the only human automaton, which are a big deal, since they’re very difficult to make and would need huge amounts of energy; she actually awakened right then thank to the energy the meteor carried. Turns out she was made by Mizeh Altworth, Leicester and Carina’s parents old friend, and Agnes “maitresse” (master).

So Minette and Agnes start living in the clan house with Leicester and Carina and the Carina’s family maid Nina, and they all start doing quests along with Nick and Chelsea, usually bumping into the Tortilla twins, Salsa and Ritos, who manage a rival clan, have a golem called… Golem, and (like every other female) have a crush on Leicester.

And with the first quest they do they go to the basement of Carina’s parents house, which houses many mystical artifacts, and also has a gate to the world of the dragons. They go there, and find a monster gone berserker; they also meet Garnet, a dragon queen, and discover that the core of Minette is actually an Artifact (the most powerful kind of magical objects), the Anima Perla, which allows her to pacify the monsters. They do so, and start doing many quests.

The common route consists then basically in a series of quests. Nina gives you a list of the available ones, and you can choose anyone (and will probably end playing everyone in any case). They usually consist in going somewhere to fetch something or battle some monster, in which case they summon Garnet for more or less useful advice and use Minette’s ability. The battles have a series of choices (evade/attack, or the such); fail too many and is a game over. The quests also have a choice that allows to raise affection with some heroine so to enter her route later.

Choosing a quest

The comes a festival, in which Leicester will start a relationship with one of the four main heroines, starting her respective route. The routes start slow, and you will see a *lot* of sweet talk and both of them being lovey dovey; Carina’s route in particular was one of the most awfully mushy things I’ve probably read. Fortunately it ends quickly enough, and the crux of the route starts, involving in some routes a big incident that could threaten the whole world if left unchecked, and including a (relatively) full of awesome final sequence.

So, how is this game, then? For a start, the production values are high; there’s a fair amount of CGs, including an impressive number of variations (I don’t think 83 a little different versions of the same HCG are entirely necessary, though). The designs are nice, and the heroines are all likable. Also, all the routes are completely different, all of them finishing an epic battle, so there is worth in playing them all (besides unlocking a side story with the twins), even if their start is somewhat slow. The trunk could probably be a little shorter; together with the routes, this is not a very short game. In any case the quests are not really boring, though they’re also not much more than acceptable. The ero is not particularly good, but is also in little amount and easily skippable.

Leicester also commends mention; while not really original, is a fairly acceptable main character: is competent in his field, and is not the donkan protagonist that doesn’t notices that the girl likes him; while not devoid of conflict, him and the particular heroine starting a relationship is a sequence that doesn’t drag.

Another peculiar thing is the presence of a fair amount of main characters parents. Both parents or Leicester and Carina are present, and Leicester mother is a major character; and for the main characters whose parents don’t appear there’s usually a good reason for that.

So overall, while this didn’t result a very impressive game, at the same time it doesn’t have noticeable flaws. Somebody searching for something more substantial than just a generic school moege could probably do way worse than Shukufuku no Campanella.

Carina's father groping his wife

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  1. the first 3 hours of this game was pretty good. main protag was ikemen and motemote

  2. […] chance, however, to better articulate my thoughts on the game, which didn’t happen so well previously. Or rather, there was some time lag between me playing the game and making the review, so the […]

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