Galaxy Angel II – Mugen Kairou no Kagi

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Now I’ll talk a little about the second game in the Galaxy Angel II series, Mugen Kairou no Kagi.

Six months after the events in ZRnT, several other universes with live civilizations have been discovered, and it has been established the United Parallel Worlds (UPW), a supra-universe entity based in ABSOLUTE charged with fomenting progress in the backwater worlds; since NEUE, though still behind EDEN, is far more developed than the new worlds, it has been decided that it can now stand by it’s own, so EDEN will be retiring support. Related to that, the Luxiole and its personnel, with Coco as the acting Captain since Tact left a while earlier to do something and hasn’t returned, will be transfered to the UPW.

So to do that the Luxiole is going to ABSOLUTE; though first it receives a new crew member: the stoic Lieutenant Colonel Tapio Ca, whose rank intimidates the captain Coco and the Rune Angel Troupe. And after arriving to ABSOLUTE also joins Roselle Mateus, new member of the Rune Angel Troupe and pilot of the Holy Blood, prototype of a mass-produced Emblem Frame that anyone can pilot, though it can’t combine with the Brave Heart (no yaoi route).

It turns out there’s some personnel reassignment: Tact has become the director of the UPW (with Lester as sub-director and Almo as Lester’s aide), and so Coco is promoted three ranks to Colonel and is now officially Captain of the Luxiole, with Tapio as the new Chief Operator.

Then they all return to NEUE, but it’s not all well: the Arms Alliance, an alliance of three planets opposed to Seldor’s prominent place in the universe order, makes its move, and it turns out to be far more fearsome than it should. And Coco has serious doubts about her aptitude as Captain; as also has Tapio, who goes so far as to say that if Coco is not up to the circumstances, he himself will take control of the Luxiole.

And so it begins (well, what I’ve told so far goes up to the third chapter, actually) the second installment in the GAII series. Most of what is applicable for previous games is also for this; the exception being that, compared to the GAI sequels, this one is pretty good.

Not as good as ZRnT in my opinion, though. It lacks “epicness”; while other GA games feel like they’re telling of an interstellar war, this one feels more like a plot taken from Star Trek. On the other hand, it’s solidly told; there’s a single Big Damn Heroes moment, and almost zero miraculousness: the things they pull to save the day were previously foreshadowed. Foreshadowing! In Galaxy Angel! Unbelievable. So, while I liked ZRnT more, you could make a case for MKnK being better.

Most of the characters stay, with a few additions. I’ve mentioned Tapio Ca, who is (as it was pretty obvious) not as bad as the first impression would tell; there’s also Roselle, who is somewhat similar to ML Chitose: serious and hard working, got to be a pilot by merit, and is the source of conflict in 4 of the 5 routes, 3 of them consisting in Roselle trying to win over Kazuya’s girl (the exception being Nano-Nano. Seems he’s not into lolis*). And then there’s Natsume Izayoi, whose first appearance was actually the Galaxy Angel Rune anime. Arms Alliance princess, she gets quickly captured by the Luxiole, and gets to participate in the last few battles. Very young, was told Seldor and its allies were practically demons incarnated, and talks in an archaic way (warawakko).

On the other hand, Tact is no longer very present, and actually most of the GAI makes only very brief appearance if at all; the exception being Noah, who has a greater role than her ultra brief cameo in ZRnT.

Coco also deserves mention: now as the Captain, she changes her look and takes a level in badass cool. The resulting bridge of Coco/Tapio/some unnamed operators turns out very distinct to the Tact’s one, and not in a bad way.

The plot structure is similar to that of ZRnT: they go around (though unlike ZRnT, the plot is thicker in the first half), the midgame big battle, a break where the route takes place, and the final chapter. Even less than in ZRnT, and unlike the GAI games, Kazuya’s partner has no role in the final chapter, and all differences are concentrated in her particular chapter. I said I didn’t quite liked Tact’s flirting in the first series; that is avoided here, but it also means that you could almost think Kazuya has no girlfriend for most of the game.

The routes themselves range from not too bad to pretty decent. Again, Nano-Nano’s is probably the best, and Lily’s is hilarious. But special mention goes to the route in the disc 2: an extra chapter for ZRnT, consisting in alternate chapters 8 and 9 (and the usual 10), in which Kazuya doesn’t get engaged with anyone (preparing for MGnK Natsume’s route, in the next game’s disc 2), and which is utterly hilarious.

The system is the same. 6 saves slots, omake menu unlocked after a route, the usual. The only alteration is that now the character portraits next to the dialog box also blink. Also, in ZRnT you unlocked an extra battle after finishing all the routes; now you unlock the equivalent (slightly harder) after a single route, and after all the routes you get an extra scene that connects to the sequel.

Music-wise, there’s an notable increase in the more vocal songs number. Besides the two openings (a remix of Wing of Destiny and yet another remix of Eternal Love) there’s a different ending for each chapter, and one for each heroine in the route chapter, giving a grand total of 15 vocal songs. There’s also a next chapter preview at the end of each one, adding to the anime-ish feel.

The gameplay sees some alterations. You can give orders in the camera mode, which makes it a viable choice to wage battle in; not extremely so, though, since there’s no handy way to see the HP or to change ship, and there’s still no mini map. In the shooting mode you can accelerate if far from enemies, and if doing so even the ultra slow Natsume can reach the battlefront before Anise. Also, some specials now can damage more than one target. On other order of things, some battles have an added condition: the Luxiole can’t move, no shooting mode, the such.

However, by far the most notable change, one that was due since the very beginning, is the addition of difficulty levels: normal, hard, and mania. Normal is about as difficult as ever (that is, not much); if anything, it’s ever easier than ZRnT, since most of the main battles have an objective. Mania, on the other hand, can, and does, become genuinely challenging. The shooting mode disadvantages (loss of tactical versatility and increased received damage) become a considerable liability, and I was most of the time in the tactical mode, so as to being able to react in time, mainly to loss of HP; I can probably count with one hand the number of times I had to use Nano-Nano to heal in ZRnT, but here she almost becomes MVP.

It’s all optional though, for those not gameplay-oriented; and you can even change it midway, if you see a particular battle too hard and just want to go on with the story.

Overall, MGnK is a very decent game. Like ML, it’s somewhat of a prelude to the third game, though still stands in it’s own; and it doesn’t fall much behind ZRnT in quality. Again, GA fans should enjoy it; and again, since it builds so much on the previous games, someone who hasn’t played them wouldn’t really get it.

*Not true, as EKnT shows.

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  1. anime articles…

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  2. With how comedic the game can get, I really wish I could see the 2nd Disc content with Kazuya not being with anyone. If it isn’t too much, could you elaborate what happens and how exactly they even manage to open the gate to Absolute? What exactly did Tact think?

    • [SPOILER WARNING I guess?]

      Kazuya has no special relation with anyone, so when it’s time to go to the beach the girls go all together and Kazuya stays in the ship. And so he gets roped into working in the cafe, but for some reason I don’t quite remember now he starts working dressed as a maid, passing off as Catherine (I think it was because he looked cute?). Catherine gets incredibly popular, so Kazuya keeps working as her even after the girls return. Kazuya’s attitude is a bit strange for the girls, but the whole thing ends when Catherine got into the dressing room with the Angels, and when they finish undressing Kazuya faints, and thus his cover gets exposed. The girls… well, Rico is not thrilled, but the rest (at this point it was Tequila who was awake) don’t mind much. Still, Lily uses her swords technique to “get even”. After that, all is forgiven, the cafe girl memory is wiped, and Catherine disappears for ever.
      After that it returns to the common story, where the fairies get the idea to use the combined power of Kazuya + the 5 girls to open the gate instead of just Kazuya and his special partner. The rest has no changes with the original.
      In the epilogue they go with Chitose to the magic planet to check on the curse Kahlua had received, and they discover that if not triggered it will fade on its own after 6 months. Chitose who was waiting outside meets Natsume (of course no one knows the other yet), who was in some kind of reconnaissance mission or something.

      • So I essentially miss Kazuya suffering while he crossdresses.
        Damn, that’s one hell of an extra content. Thank you very much for the informative reply. I’ll bother you later about how Natsume’s route starts out.

  3. Sorry to bother you but I hope this will be the last time I will ask.
    What exactly does Natsume’s route consist of in the 2nd CD of EKnT? I’ve seen some low quality CG’s but what exactly does Kazuya pull off?
    Also what exactly was Natsume’s relationship with Genievres? Was her home planet the one showed in EKnT or Hatchet?

    • No problem! Not like there’s anyone else here asking things 😛

      Natsume route: After the battle at Seldor, so as to make the peace talks more smooth a marriage between the Seldor emperor and Natsume. Kazuya is distressed, but Natsume seems to accept her destiny as natural. However, when doing the ceremony (or some previous arrangement?) on the Bridge of the Luxiole, Kazuya blurts out if that’s what Natsume really wants, and she ends up fainting.
      Kazuya is put into detention, but gets help from the rest of the angels and together with Natsume they flee to an uninhabited satellite of Seldor. They live there in the wild for a while, but eventually Kazuya gets sick. and realizing that there’s nothing she can do, Natsume is willing to go back to the Luxiole. Kazuya is opposed, but (after the confession scene) finally Natsume calls for help.
      They get back and Kazuya gets better, and then he is informed that the marriage talks were stopped, maybe because the door the the Infinite Corridor opened while they were away.
      After that it’s the same as usual. The epilogue is Tact informing Kazuya and Natsume that a second gatekeeper was found.

      There’s not a whole lot to go on about the relationship between Natsume and Genievres. He was the regent and had the real power; also it would seem he genuinely cared about Natsume. (BTW, did you see all the Naze Nani segments in EKnT?)
      The planet they see in EKnT is indeed Natsume’s homeworld, but isn’t it Hatchet? I don’t think Natsume’s world and Genievres’s world were different.

      • Thank you so much for filling in the gaps. I assume Roselle is in the party when everyone decides to camp out in the wild for a bit.

        I was snooping around some sites and there’s apparently a cutscene/movie with Genievres that isn’t an opening or ending. Are there CG’s/Movies in these extra routes in ZRnT and in Natusme’s route?

        • Forgot the Genievres part, completely forgot Lily’s cutscene where she screws over a ship with a sword.

        • Actually it’s just Kazuya and Natsume that go the the moon. The rest of the angels get into detention for supporting their escape (though it seems it wasn’t very harsh), and after returning, Roselle tells him it was a stupid idea (this was before knowing that the marriage talks got cancelled). The scene also implies that Roselle did have some feelings for Natsume.

          • Can’t thank you enough for the summaries. I assume there are indeed CG’s for the extra CD routes?

            • There are indeed some CGs, and maybe some videos also but I don’t remember.

              Also, Natsume’s route has another thing I forgot. At the very beginning, there’s a short prologue from Natsume’s point of view, telling her invasion of the ruin planet, and you play a battle with a (nerfed) Natsume and a few other ships against the angels.
              Needless to say, you lose.

  4. So I’m gunning to complete the Gallery and played Rico’s route with Nano following suite.

    What exactly was Roselle’s deal in Rico’s route here?

    • What do you mean? He had a crush in Rico, I don’t think there was much more going on

      • I was curious and I thought there was more to it seeing as how the other routes had some clear indication of whose feelings were stronger. Roselle seemed pretty lenient in Rico’s route is all.

        • Not always there’s a clear showdown between Kazuya’s and Roselle’s feelings (only in Anise and Tequila’s route I think), but he always develops feelings (or at least a crush) in Kazuya’s partner (except in Nano-Nano route, when he doesn’t show any interest -though she still gets abducted in EKnT).
          In any case the only point is to get some drama in the route, you probably don’t need to think too much on it.

  5. Quick question, what does Natsume’s CD 2 Chapter title translate to?

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