Galaxy Angel II – Eigou Kaiki no Toki

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The grand final. The exciting conclusion. Every question you had and many you probably hadn’t (maybe mostly the later) gets answered as all the characters, past and present, stand against the most terrible opponent ever.

Eigou Kaiki no Toki (sometimes misspelled Eigou Kaiki no Koku) is the third and final installment in the Galaxy Angel II series. The following review may have some spoilers for the previous game.

It’s been three months since MKnK. The Rune Angel Troupe meets the Moon Angel Troupe at Juno, where the fifth anniversary of its liberation it’s being celebrated. Tact gives a speech promoting greater friendship between humans and the Val Fasq, Natsume, Kazuya and Lily thwart a terrorist attempt, and while Coco is with the former Elsior crew celebrating old times, Noah suddenly appears at the Luxiole, which has to rush out: following the aftermath of the previous big incident, Noah had been researching, and discovered a way to predict if/where the Infinite Corridor would open; and right at the moment it’s opening, at Val Randal of all the places: the Will it’s making its move. The Luxiole arrives to see the Infinite Corridor fully open, and after a very harsh battle and an enormous sacrifice, they manage to repel the Will.

They have no time to rest, though; the Will’s next appearance it’s predicted to be at Transbaal. After a not so though battle the Will is again repealed, and its concluded it will probably not making further moves in EDEN; so the Luxiole returns to NEUE, most likely next target.

When playing EKnT, the first thing one notices is that Kazuya now has a sprite. And the second thing is that the designs have changed. The Rune Angels ones are not too bad, and in any case one gets used to them soon enough. The Moon Angels, on the other hand… well, let’s say I’m not entirely fond of them.

Eternal Lovers

You be the judge

If you get past that, though, you’ll quickly see that the graphical aspect has gotten an upgrade. There are more sprites, with more positions (there are characters kicking, slapping, etc), and more expressions, and some standard movies have been remade; the chrono travel one is particularly impressive. There are also overall more movies, and some scenes are practically all movies; is notable in that aspect a long one in the last chapter.

Plotwise, it follows the same formula as always. Only this time upgraded. Overall, besides being considerable longer than the previous games, the plot is thicker across the chapters. The first chapter is not just an introduction, but instead has plenty action, being comparable with the final chapters of others installments. Then there’s a chapter centered in each heroine, where her background is disclosed or expanded, and in cases some baggage they had is solved; this has the effect of making the Rune Angels more developed than her GAI counterparts. A big midgame battle; in this case the battles themselves are not so relevant, but the whole scene is full of awesome, helped by the heavy use of movies. The break, where the route happens; but before it can be completely solved, the final villain strikes, and the final act begins. And a long final act, comprising two chapters, and going completely overboard, compared with any previous game. I just said the midgame battle was full of awesome; well, not so much compared with the final chapter.

But it’s not just the final chapter. Since the beginning EKnT is building up towards something big, but not quite clear; there’s a feeling of mystery towards the opponent, that wasn’t really present before. And at least in the highest difficulty, the battles make feel the harshness of the war, something that was always a mismatch in the series; now, when the characters say it would be a hard battle, they’re probably right.

And finally, all the mysteries, and all the different reveals, come together at the ending, for an impressive final act.

It could be arguable, however, that some of the main plot points are kinda ridiculous; if so, the enjoyment of the game could be significantly lower.

Even still, it has better drama and comedy than previous games. Some of the former are really tearjerking (Anise chapter, Nano-Nano route -again-), and some of the later utterly side-splitting (Anise route gets all the prizes here).

The cast remains as always, though there are a few changes. Almost at the very beginning every major and minor characters gets full name (and of course, after that everyone and their mother start referring each other by surname). Kazuya is way less of a wuss, which is a good thing. Tapio becomes the most hilarious character ever. And as said above, the Rune Angels get their background disclosed. The full Elsior crew also makes presence act, and some of them get named for the first time. Tact and the Moon Angels are more important than in MGnK, as is Noah, who is one of the major characters here.

Musicwise, there are even more vocal songs than in MKnK; besides two different openings, that are not remixes, and a few different endings (though not next chapter preview this time), there’s an ending for each heroine, and one for each Moon Angel (and no remix of Eternal Love to be seen, against all expectations). Seeing all of them is not completely trivial, however. That, together with a few CGs, make getting 100% in the omake menu somewhat of a time sink.

The omake has a few alterations. Besides a higher number of unlocked battles (one per route), there’s a Naze Nani GAII, which gives some bits of background knowledge of the characters and world. But probably the most interesting thing is a Chapter Selector; there you choose Kazuya’s and Tact’s partner and a chapter and start playing directly from there. Since all the story before the different routes show almost no difference between heroines, this can be a huge time save.

Unless you want to actually have 100% of CGs and music, in which case you’ll have to replay quite a bit. It would have been better a function to just skip battles, like Eternal Lovers had; in any case, this is also handy, and certainly better than not having it.

In short: the best game in the whole series. Better plot, better drama, better comedy, better mystery, better almost everything. But once again, it builds a lot on the previous games, so despite a better overall quality playing just this one wouldn’t probably make much sense. And though the good points are better than in other games, the bad points remain about the same; those who don’t really like the series (for which there are plenty reasons) would find that EKnT doesn’t really fix the shortcomings. However, those who liked the Galaxy Angel series should find here a satisfying conclusion.

9 Responses to “Galaxy Angel II – Eigou Kaiki no Toki”

  1. I’m a decade late to the series while being in the love with anime for quite some time. I’ve played the original trilogy without problems but was an emulator used for the GA II trilogy or did you use a PS2?

    • I played them in a PS2. You should be able to play them in emulator, I guess; however, to play the stories in the extra discs of Mugen Kairou no Kagi and Eigou Kaiki no Toki you need to put the main disc and then swap them, and I think emulators can’t reproduce that function. Missing them would be kind of a pity, but not fatal.

  2. I finished the series. I don’t know what I’m feeling in my chest but it relaxes me while some pain is mixed in there.

    It feels pretty sad knowing not too many people played this game
    And the fact I have too many people to talk about this series with.

    • Doesn’t seem to be very popular, no. At least few other people have played it, though; pretty sure Micchi did at least.
      I found it a very satisfying ending, though an epilogue a bit more expanded would have been nice

      • An epilogue with everyone would have been great (or at least a CG with everyone in it).

        You weren’t kidding when you said Tapio becomes hilarious. I need more of him in my life.

  3. Space Kirby Says:

    Thanks for all these summaries for the Galaxy Angel II trilogy. After playing through the Moon Angel Trilogy and loving it, I was always sad that I could never understand or read the plot for the Rune Angel Trilogy of games. You have my utmost gratitude for sharing your thoughts and posting these explanations.

    I am curious though, at what point in each of the Galaxy Angel II games does Tact reunite with his chosen lady love? Specifically, I’m interested in the moments he shares with Vanilla and Ranpha. I know in the first game of the Rune Angel Trilogy he and Vanilla reunite when Nano-Nano is sick and they have a heartfelt scene + CG, and Tact and Ranpha get all lovey dovey when they reunite (DARLING/MY HONEY) but are there more scenes like them in the next two games of the trilogy? If so, what did those scenes consist of and when did they happen? Details?

    And seeing some videos of the endings online, at the end of Galaxy Angel II – Eigou Kaiki no Toki (I’ve seen endings for Apricot, Natsume and Nano-Nano) there’s this sequence of Kazuya and his chosen lady living happily, something seems to happen, the girl holds a gun under her chin… then a happy picture though Kazuya looks like a ghost. Could I get some context to that? The last game didn’t end in tragedy, right?

    • In the first game: with Milfeulle, when they reunite after they beat the villain.
      Forte: after they beat the force around Soldar
      Mint: at the end of the episode with Anise, when she appears
      Chitose: at the very end, when they reunite
      There’s not many scenes with Tact and his partner after the first game. In the second game I don’t think the moon angels appear at all, and in the third game they do appear but there’s not a lot of interaction with Tact.
      There is a scene at the end of the first episode, though. There they have to sacrifice the original emblem frames; the ones to do the deed are Tact and the chosen partner, and then Tacts consoles her.

      The scene with the girl holding the gun against her chin happens before the end. I don’t know what sequence of of living happily are you talking about, though; the CG at the very end? Or the character route? In the episode for the particular heroine they do live happily for a while. As for the ghost and gun thing, [SPOILERS] in the beginning of the last act, the Will abducts the heroine, and Kazuya goes to rescue her (after a battle). But it doesn’t work, and gets shot instead. The heroine tries to shot the bad guys but it has no effect, and so tries to kill herself (the Will wanted to use her body). She gets rescued, and Kazuya starts acting around as a ghost for a while, but in the end returns somehow to his body, after ghost Kazuya helps everyone twarth the Will’s plan.

      tl;dr: No, it doesn’t end in tragedy

      • Space Kirby Says:

        Oooooh, okay. Awesome! Man, that was bugging me for a long time. Nice to know it was happy ending for all! Some might disagree with me, but I like the idealistic romance that these games have. Honestly they are the first VNs (the first Galaxy Angel) I found out about and they do hold a special place in my heart. VNs have come a long way since the first GA, but I still enjoy ’em.

        Thanks so much for the reply! Now, I’m going to go try and learn Japanese so I can play the Rune Angel trilogy and to enjoy Nano-Nano and Lily’s routes in full since those two were my favorite of the heroines in the Rune Angel trilogy, and according to you, Nano-Nano’s route shines most. Maybe if I get good enough I’ll compile the script in a file and share it with the internet so all can enjoy! Well… probably not, but it doesn’t hurt to dream and be ambitious.

        Have a good one. Thanks again. You do good reviews.

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