Release: Red Witch

Happy belated Christmas! And so as to go along the spirit of the season, Seven Night Translations offers all of you a full translation for the short (about 5 minutes) doujin game Red Witch (vndb).

You can get the standalone here. Enjoy.

10 Responses to “Release: Red Witch”

  1. […] krótkiej doujinowej gry Akai Majo (Red Witch). Grę już przetłumaczoną można ściągnąć na stronie grupy. Dodaj do ulubionych:LubięBądź pierwszą osobą, która doda ten do listy […]

  2. Definitely longer than 5 minutes. And you should have given the text to a proofreader before releasing it.

  3. If you’re going to take the time to translate something, why would you do such a poor job presenting it? There are various grammar problems, and the writing doesn’t flow well at all. Anyone with a decent grasp of English would be able to fix it in less than ten minutes.

  4. AquaticIdealist Says:

    Site is down (lawsuits and such.) Mirror? Megaupload is no longer available.

  5. download link is dead again

  6. Thanks for the game i really enjoyed it.Please make another stories such as this.

    • I’m glad you liked it but I’m not the creator, just the translator
      The creator was the Japanese circle Platonic F.F (their homepage seems to no longer exist though)

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