2nd Love

2nd Love is a 2000 game by Force, with Fukazawa Yutaka as scenario writer, the same one that wrote Shoin.

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Aizawa Kiyoshi is your typical donkan, nebousuke protagonist. A few weeks ago his osananajimi Kazuki Hikari died in an accident while they were going to school in his bike, and while he has been understandably down since then, he still doesn’t quite feel the situation as real. So he wakes up one day just before the end of the winter recess, and while he’s preparing to go to school, he discovers Hikari in his room. A doll-sized, 25 cm tall Hikari. Neither knows how that could happen, or what’s up with Hikari, but in the end she makes herself at home at Kiyoshi’s room, and after informing him that classes actually start the following day, they go around town.

There they meet Mizuhara Mayumi, who once was private tutor for Kiyoshi and now will be a temporary teacher at his school, and her current pupil, sheltered Takeyama Miyu; at school there’s also the recently transfered distant Asano Shizuka, and in other classes Kiyoshi’s best buddy Tomoya and his spriteless imouto Yuki. And so Kiyoshi’s school life with mini Hikari starts.


This is a very short game, and there’s not much to say. The game is linear (which is as well, since the skipping is oh so very slow), and the basic structure is Kiyoshi getting close to the heroine while not noticing her feelings for him, and then discovering/solving some problem she has. Those mini routes are pretty nice; but nothing out of the ordinary, really.

That’s not the main attraction of the game, however. This may count as a slight spoiler, but as you discover at the end of the first chapter, there’s a loop going on. After the heroine plot is solved and the obligatory H scene happens, Kiyoshi’s looped back at the beginning, when he ends up getting close to other heroine. And is the nature of this loop what’s truly interesting, and completely unexpected. This is one of the cases where I can honestly say “didn’t see that coming”.

The engine is the same as Shoin; it has the same backlog system, though no inputing your own choice. Speaking of choices, the most common format is an somewhat awkward going everywhere (classroom, roof, etc) before going to the place where the heroine is. CGs are very sparse outside of H scenes, and it does suffer from a number of mistakes in the script, including some particularly egregious on a math test. They seem to have been fixed with the patch, though (which I didn’t use). The patch also slightly rewrites the last scene, and adds CG/H scene/music recollection menus, so use it.

So, this is a little game that nonetheless has some interesting things going for. If you don’t mind the age is certainly recommendable, and probably better than what this entirely too short review can make you think.

Score: between 8 and 9.

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