Sayonara wo Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~

A fanatic adventure game.

Sayonara wo Oshiete is a 2001 game by Craftwork.

vndb EGS

(Some of the following pictures may be slightly NSFW)


Hitomi Hirosuke (nameable) is in a test period to become teacher in a girls school. He passes an unbearable routine being oppressed by the teacher in charge Takashima Semina, and after classes he spends a little time in the infirmary with Oomori Tonae, the doctor in charge, where he takes his smoke break, to after that walk around the school grounds meeting our heroines.

Oh, and he also has a recurring nightmare of being a monster tentacle raping an angel, who it turns out has the same face as one of the students he meets.

Recurring Nightmare


Sayonara wo Oshiete is the other 2001 denpa game, some months earlier than Jisatsu no Tame no 101 no Houhou (fun fact: these two games scenario writers were friends from school – source). And having played it just a little after 101 Ways, maybe some comparisons became unavoidable. But, though similar in some respects, is also very different in others, and has its own identity.

The best thing would probably be the atmosphere. The palette is limited, and even more when reading the text, but that, together with the BGM, create an oppressive feeling that makes it easy to empathize with the MC.

Loli shimapan

And that atmosphere fully brings out the strengths of the scenario. Or maybe is that the scenario relies and makes excellent use of the atmosphere. Maybe the symbiosis between both is what makes a good denpa game. In any case, the world really feels strange, and for most of the game it’s hard to make sense of, well, everything. If the weirdness factor in 101 Ways came from the difficulty in distinguishing what was real, here it comes from the bizarre of the situations, and the disconnect of the happenings from one scene to the next one with the same heroine, between scenes, or even inside a single scene. And it’s also a pretty dark game, albeit in a different sense from 101 Ways, here the darkness being more an overarching depressing feeling.

The protagonist is also very interesting. Actually a very hetare MC (except for some sadistic streaks), this is a case where such a character works well. The heroines, on the other hand, are not quite as well fleshed out (though that may be part of the point).

The ero content is kinda high, but I found it fitting. Also, this game has some of the best names for H scenes ever. Where else will you find scenes called Heaven’s Door, or Arayashiki? (They may be a little non-sequitur).

The art is very decent, but though it has a fair amount of CGs (mainly H), it took a somewhat minimalistic approach to sprites, having only one (two actually, clothed and naked) of each of the 5 heroines (Semina and Tonae having more); expression changes are shown by silhouettes of the character’s face (or by a CG).


The routes are structurally very similar between them, and everyone has the full explanation of things by the end, so later routes don’t hold much any mystery. But even then reading them never gets tiresome; being short helps, but the general weirdness of things keeps them interesting, even if you already know the ending..

To sum up, this is a very intriguing, very well done, somewhat depressing denpa game. People who like mysterious settings where for the better part not much makes a great deal of sense will probably love it. On the other hand, once again, it is very dark, so it wouldn’t really be recommended to those who prefer lighter, fluffier stuff.

Score: 9.

EDIT: Typo, and a bit else.

6 Responses to “Sayonara wo Oshiete ~Comment te Dire Adieu~”

  1. I also played this game…
    Basically all the girls were ghosts or something,and Mutsuki was an angel that was kicked out of Heaven?

    • Basically, nyy gur tveyf (rkprcg Zhgfhxv) jrer qryhfvbaf bs gur cebgntbavfg, jvgu onfvf ba fbzr guvat be navzny sebz gur ubfcvgny (gur ybyv jnf npghnyyl n png, sbe rknzcyr); Zhgfhxv jnf nabgure cngvrag sebz gur ubfcvgny naq n erny crefba (rira vs jung jnf fubja bs ure cebonoyl unq n ybg bs qryhfvba).
      (Translate with

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  4. espero que pronto ya salga ingles ;_;

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