Twinkle ☆ Crusaders – GoGo! Changes

EDIT: A couple things I had forgotten

For the most part, GoGo! is the same as the PC version as far as scenes go. In the first trunk, the days 4 and 5 have scenes presenting Macaroon; after that, except for the new scenes of Macaroon and Melilot the content remains the same. The only addition is a new GC in the 10/17 Lolotte scene.

The second trunk has a few scenes changed: in the Lolotte/Misa trunk, the 10/29 Azel scene, the 11/7 Ria one and the 11/27 Nanaka one are entirely different ones, with new CGs.

The H scenes are previsibly out. For the most part, the whole scene leading to them has been eliminated, but in a few occasions that’s not the case. The first Lolotte scene evidently happens, though the H scene itself is skipped. The second Misa scene is edited, and has a new CG. The same happens with the second Azel scene. The first Azel scene is edited and cut short before the actual action.

The Shio end has now a CG, as does the Amyrina end, which is also slightly different.

There are new starting messages for Macaroon, in Valentine, Christmas, and her birthday (3/20).

The battle system also has some changes. Besides slightly edited initial positions, some characters now have multiples EX attacks: Nanaka, Misa and Ria have improved versions if they chanted, and Lolotte has a shield one in addition to the healing one (different buttons do the different attacks). Also, if you execute the attack with the right timing you can save as much as 30% of the gauge cost.

Also, there are two new battle (besides those of the new routes). In the 10/11 Ria scene, there’s a (pretty hard) battle against her (and scenario continues even if you lose), and in the 12/21 in Nanaka route there’s a battle between Synn/Bylous against Azel (you can’t get GOD rank here).

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