Twinkle ☆ Crusaders Part II

Continuing the review of Twinkle ☆ Crusaders, now is the turn of the fandiscs, ports, and sequels (plural not always right).

Twinkle ☆ Crusaders – Miracle Disc

vndb EGS

The Miracle Disc is a fandisc with two stories that though short are fun enough. Beside You ostensibly follows Amyrina (a sub-heroine from the original) end, and in it Synn loses his memories, and hilarity ensues. In Tairan’yu Twinkle ☆ Crusaders the troupe goes to an inn, and is basically an excuse to have new H scenes with the heroines (which fortunately are considerable better than those from the original).

And that’s the whole content of the Miracle Disc (which besides is included in PSS).

Twinkle ☆ Crusaders GoGo!


GoGo! is the all-ages PSP port of the original Twinkle Crusaders. The content from the original has practically no changes (detailed list of changes here), but in exchange for the awful H content the battle system was slightly upgraded (and the loading times are now very good) and there’s two additional routes, Macaroon and Melilot.

Macaroon is a new character: hard working imouto type mazoku that wants to become the Maou. There’s a couple of new scenes presenting her, and then you can choose her in the map movement segment, so as to enter her route. Her insertion in the game is not very smooth, though: she does appear (a little) in the new Melilot route, but if you follow any of the original routes then she may as well not exist.

Once you finish any route, in the first trunk you can also meet Melilot, on the original sub heroine, now upgraded to main one, and then enter her route, which sadly is substantially shorter than the rest.


Though not the very best KuruKuru has to offer, it comes close; these routes are pretty nice, and actually better than good part of the ones from the original. At the very least, certainly better than Misa’s route. If you will play KuruKuru a single time, I’d recommend starting with this (if you have a PSP, obviously).

Twinkle ☆ Crusaders Starlit Brave!!


The Special Limited edition of GoGo! included also Starlit Brave!, side story focusing in the gameplay. After the end of KuruKuru, trouble has not finished yet, and characters from different worlds (meaning different VNs/manga/anime) started appearing.

These guest characters are the main attraction (maybe even to a fault, since the original cast has almost no screentime), and are voiced by their respective original seiyuu (except for a character from manga who obviously enough didn’t have one). They are: Aisaka Taiga (Toradora!), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), Dokuro-chan (Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan), Ana Coppola (Ichigo Mashimaro), Hoshikawa Crystal (Ohime-sama Navigation), Feena Fam Earthlight (Yoake Mae yori Ruri Iro na), Inaba Yui (Flyable Heart), Tokura Temari (Te To Te Try on!), Chelsea Arcot (Shukufuku no Campanella), and a 14 years old, nekomimi magical girl Rin with fairy Saber (Fate/Stay Night).

The scenario is pretty awful, but if you liked the gameplay you can certainly enjoy this. There are several new characters, with new kind of attacks (area attacks, for example), and a free battle mode, against a CPU or human opponent. A nice addition, since as fun as the gameplay is (your mileage may vary), there’s only so much you can do in the original.

Twinkle ☆ Crusaders – Passion Star Stream

vndb EGS

This newest installment in the KuruKuru series is a sequel/fandisc, an includes several scenarios, some better than others.

Lullshare, a.k.a. nopan nun

The main attraction is probably Venus Embryo. Set a few weeks after the main story, following an unspecified route where Synn didn’t hook up with anybody, it features new characters Lullshare and Illear, halves of God, who once upon a time fell in love with the original Maou. Now Illear wants to make Synn hers, or else, and Lullshare must protect him, helped by Exael, most awesomest character ever.


On the good side, Synn is completely voiced here (though not on other scenarios). On the bad side, there’s everything else. Venus Embryo is not very good. I’d go so far as to say it’s awful, and not even Lullshare can save this trainwreck. In making it that Synn is not in a relationship with anyone his hetare levels are now OVER NINE THOUSAND (which for the most part wasn’t a problem in the original), which makes very frustrating to read the first half. Also, of course there are now new opponents more powerful than anyone before (though a shonen-esque power level creep was something already present in the main story). It’s not said neither how the problem could be solved following any of the existing routes, since it kinda hinges on Synn being free. Maybe the world is just destroyed there (and scenes like Azel’s epilogue which happen after are just delusions on the brink of death). Also (though affecting all of PSS, not just Venus Embryo), there’s a complete lack of Macaroon, which compounds her bad integration in KuruKuru.

The other scenarios are more fandisc-esque, and pretty fun, overall. The Queen of Witches is a crossover with Princess Witches, and follows its ending (if you plan on playing Princess Witches it may be better to skip this scenario, since spoils that game big time). Its two parts, one following the KuruKuru cast and other the Pricchi’s one, are basically a succession of battles and on the whole their main attraction is the gameplay (you get to see Pricchi’s main characters adapted to KuruKuru gameplay). Also, it’s notable that both MC are voiced in the other’s scenario.

Ku RUKU-ru features new character Shel and parodies To LOVE-ru. Synn is too hetare to get a date with any of the heroines, and that night, when taking a bath, a mysterious angel, Shel, falls onto him, and decides she will help him, using her inventions. All of which is little more than an excuse to see new H scenes, more or less conventional (hope you don’t mind futanari), with the girls. Though all said, that H content is not bad. And the ending is surprisingly well thought.

In Naze Nani KuruKuru the characters present themselves and briefly go through the main story, and serves to  to get a trophy and little more (and to hear a little more of Synn, if you so desire).

The After Stories are self explanatory. Besides both scenarios from the Miracle Disc, there’s after stories for Melilot and Amyrina (and not Shio. I has a sad), in which you get to see H scenes with them, and a completely hilarious scenario with the Daimashou going to an onsen.

Not a bright moment for the Daimashou

All in all, though it has its lows, it’s entertaining, and you get to see the characters in new and fun situations, so I guess it fulfills its duty as a fandisc. Also, the hard mode here is much more reasonable than it was in the original (and by that, I mean it’s actually playable).

Twinkle ☆ Crusaders Starlit Brave Xtream!!


With PSS there also comes SBX. Similar to SB, this time it wisely chooses to completely ditch the scenario. However, regrettably it also ditches the characters from manga/anime. In its exchange, it adds new characters, who in part recycle the attacks of the lost characters: Unohana no Sakuya-hime (Tenshin Ranman), Kano Kayoko (Koiiro Soramoyou), the Princess Witches characters that appeared in The Queen of Witches: Midou, Kururu, Iincho and Lillian, and Lullshare and Illear; and since a few days ago, also Shel and Matsunaga Tsubame (Majikoi S).


If you liked the original KuruKuru, and wanted to see more of the characters, the new routes of GoGo! are good choices, and you may as well also play PSS. (And if you haven’t played anything yet, GoGo! may be a better starting choice than the PC version.) And if you liked the gameplay, then SB and SBX are good choices to try new battles with new characters and parties.

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