Wasuremono to Otoshimono

Wasuremono to Otoshimono is a 2005 LANGuex game written by Fukazawa Yutaka (see also Shoin, 2nd LOVE).

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Our protagonist likes to spend his days in the game center, so as to keep away from complicated circumstances in his home. There he manages to make contact with a girl he had eyes on since a while. He also meets his kouhai Asaka, who doesn’t seem to be very happy with him having some relationship with said girl.

Then, stuff happens.


Giving away more of the story will probably already enter into spoiler territory, so I’ll stop there. And in any case, this game is very short; the review will be appropriately not very long.

The first thing that you should probably know, and that becomes apparent when playing this, is that the graphical and sound values are basically zero.  There’s no sprites, no CGs, no voices, and a not too remarkable BGM. If you want moe, or at least something minimally pretty, you are better off staying off. The only thing this game has going for it is its scenario.

Which turns out to be pretty interesting (not surprising, giving the writer). It doesn’t take long to start showing weird things, and it gradually becomes more mind screwy, until the explanation comes, and then everything you know becomes wrong.

Unlike 2nd LOVE, with a long, mostly mundane main part and a incomprehensible twist that somewhat comes out of nowhere, here the mind screwy part is gradually eased since early on, and the explanation is easily understandable. You could maybe argue that it lacks subtlety, but it’s a fact that Wasuremono to Otoshimono makes a good job explaining itself, which may be (or may be not, depending on each one) an important plus.

Outside that, there’s not much to the game. As mentioned, graphical values are null, and the musical values are not too much better. The characters themselves work well in the story, but don’t have much more going on.

But the scenario really shines. It has well thought twists that are not evident, and that are throughly explained. If you want a short, smart mind screw, you’d do well reading this.

2 Responses to “Wasuremono to Otoshimono”

  1. Aldaris Says:

    Hey Maryzian, thanks a lot for the review! I just finished this some time ago and must say that the plot managed to remain interesting from the start to the finish. However, because of my limited Japanese skills (I guess) there are many things that I couldn’t fully grasp. Really hope that you can help me out!

    Jub’f tvey P? Nf V haqrefgnaq, fur vf fbzr xvaq bs pbzovangvba bs tvey N (jung gur cebgntbavfg erzrzore bs Nfhxn) naq O (jung Nfhxn jnagf gur cebgntbavfg gb frr va gung tvey) evtug? Jul qbrf sbetrggvat tvey N fbyir rirelguvat? Ubj qbrf univat frk renfr gur cebgntbavfg’f zrzbel/bgure crefbanyvgl? Jung’f gur fvtavsvpnapr bs gur cra naljnl? Vs V erzrzore pbeerpgyl, vg jnf zragvbarq va gur synfuonpx jvgu Nfhxn ohg V qvqa’g ernyyl haqrefgnaq vg. Jul qvq Nfhxn yrsg va gur raq? Jnfa’g rirelguvat fbyirq nyernql, be qvq fur whfg srry thvygl?

    Thanks beforehand! I actually find the BGM to be decent.

    • Sorry, but I played this a while ago and don’t remember much of the details 😛
      Qba’g erzrzore ubj Tvey P jnf pbaarpgrq gb gur erfg. V qba’g erzrzore rvgure gung univat frk jbhyq renfr ZP’f zrzbel.
      Naq sbe gur ynfg ovg, lrnu, V nyfb sbhaq vg jrveq gung fur jbhyq yrnir. V thrff fur sryg thvygl?

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