Tsui no Sora / Subarashiki Hibi Comparison

(The following includes spoilers for Subahibi)

If you are curious to see how Tsui no Sora plot and characters concretely compare with Subahibi, I made the following list summarizing TnS story flow in comparison with Subahibi’s. Spoilers for both games ahead.

(See also the main review for TnS)

Minakami Yukito: Equivalent to Minakami Yuki, though he doesn’t have as much personality as her
Wakatsuki Kotomi: Equivalent as Kagami but played more straight
Takashima Zakuro: no female bullies nor friend, no greater relationship with Mamiya either than the one word she says to him before her suicide
Mamiya Takuji: mostly the same
Yokoyama Kiyoshi: 2nd line of Mamiya’s bullies, becomes his first follower (so equivalent to Kimika in this aspect)
Yokoyama Yasuko: is in love with Kotomi and becomes a loyal follower of Mamiya
– Both Kiyoshi and Yasuko play much bigger roles than they would in Subahibi
Ozawa: main Mamiya’s and Zakuro’s bully, is the one that falls from the roof on the 10th
Takei: 2nd line Mamiya’s bully, is killed by Mamiya and his death used to show his Messiah’s powers
Kimika: has like two lines, her name is also spelled different than Subahibi’s one
Kiyokawa: mostly the same as Subahibi’s but her design is closer to Senagawa (in TnS all characters are in the same class so there’s only one teacher)
– All the background of Mamiya, and thus the involved characters, are absent (basically all characters from Jabberwocky I/II / Which Dream It): Tomosane, Hasaki, Master, Kimura, his parents
Ayana is Ayana.

1st perspective: Minakami Yukito
It starts on the 13th and follows the basic story beats of Rabbit Hole II, but without all the internet stuff, cursed mails, White Lotus church stuff or any of the detective work Yuki does. There’s a rescue of Kotomi similar to the one of Kagami but it plays straight. The ending also has a (very) brief continuation after the last wtf. Rabbit Hole I is entirely absent.

2nd perspective: Wakatsuki Kotomi
As a character Kotomi would be most similar to Kagami (at least her apparent setting), up to her torture by Mamiya’s followers. Her perspective does not have a direct equivalent in Subahibi (nor does it add much besides showing how Yasuko has a crush on her), though her torture scene would be the equivalent to the one in Invention.

3rd perspective: Takashima Zakuro
Follows the story of Insects from the last part of the 9th; it starts with her already being raped and with a graphic scene but does not delves further into how that came to be and the first part of Insects is totally
absent. No denpa elements on the 10th either besides Ayana being Ayana. The meeting with Usami and Ayumi is almost textual.

4th perspective: Mamiya Takuji
It follows Invention closely, but the whole background Mamiya has with his mother and stuff in Subahibi is non-existent here. No foreshadowing of any delusion tendencies nor drug abuse either, so the denpa aspects end up less explained (if that’s a plus or minus will depend on the reader). As an additional minus Kimika’s role is occupied by Kiyoshi (one of the classmates that bullied Mamiya) so no chemistry there either.

(Everything starting from Jabberwocky I is completely original of Subahibi.)

It’s similar-ish to Tsui no Sora II; it happens just after the 20th with Yukito waking up in light and meeting Ayana without knowing exactly how he got there in the first place, and it has Yukito talking with her about what just happened. Ayana’s monologue is not exactly the same though and the actual conclusion / final message of the game is different.

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