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Tsui no Sora / Subarashiki Hibi Comparison

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(The following includes spoilers for Subahibi)

If you are curious to see how Tsui no Sora plot and characters concretely compare with Subahibi, I made the following list summarizing TnS story flow in comparison with Subahibi’s. Spoilers for both games ahead.

(See also the main review for TnS)

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Coming soon…

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Twinkle ☆ Crusaders – GoGo! Changes

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EDIT: A couple things I had forgotten

For the most part, GoGo! is the same as the PC version as far as scenes go. In the first trunk, the days 4 and 5 have scenes presenting Macaroon; after that, except for the new scenes of Macaroon and Melilot the content remains the same. The only addition is a new GC in the 10/17 Lolotte scene.

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It’s alive!

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Resurrection! It turns out I wasn’t abducted by the mi-go, as a number of people could have guessed*.
The blog was created for the main reason of translating Tokyo Alice; that done, it lost most of its use so it descended into slumber. However, since it already exists I figured I could give it new functionality. So from now on I’ll post some short reviews and/or impression of visual novels I’ve played/am playing.
Starting right now, so you’ll probably see that post before this introduction. Think of it like a blog version of Memento.

*Keep in mind that zero is a number


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Welcome to Seven Nights Translations! I’ve been learning Japanese since a while, and thought that it was time to use that knowledge for humankind greater good.

And what better way than to translate visual novels!

So this blog will be dedicated to that.

At least, until I finish my current project (in a few days); after that, I promise nothing. I guess I’ll post about random things or whatever.

Beware than my Japanese level is still medium at best, so don’t expect some masterwork. Expect instead some Engrish; feel free to point out anything you catch on.