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Utawarerumono – Interview with the creators

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The guidebook for the PS2 version of Utawarerumono (Utawarerumono – Chiriyuku Mono he no Komoriuta – Official Guidebook) includes an interview with Washimi Tsutomu (director), Suga Munemitsu (scenario writer) and Amazuyu Tatsumi (character designer / art). Here is a synopsis of the most interesting parts [personal comments in brackets]. Spoilers follow.

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Kemonomimi galore.

Utawarerumono is a 2002 SRPG by Leaf. It got a DVD version in 2003 and an all ages PS2 port, Chiriyuku Mono he no Komoriuta, with voices and added content and (slightly) improved gameplay, in 2006, which in turn got a PSP port in 2009. Is this PSP version the one being reviewed. It has a sequel planned.


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