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Now let’s dial back a decade for a little winter tale.

Infantaria is a 2001 game by Circus. It got an upgraded version with XP support and voices for more characters, Infantaria XP, in 2003. It also had a short fandisc in the 2002 game Utau Ehon 1 2 3 Hai!, along with Aries and Suika.

vndb EGS EGS(XP)

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Time Paladin Sakura

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Nanoha meets Da Capo (not as good as it sounds).

Time Paladin Sakura is a 2011 Da Capo spin-off from Circus, consisting of a two parts game and the accompanying two parts OVA.

vndb EGS1 EGS2

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Da Capo III

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The season of the sakura starts once again…

Da Capo III is a 2012 game by Circus.

vndb EGS

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