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Tobira no Densetsu ~Kaze no Tsubasa~

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Tobira no Densetsu ~Kaze no Tsubasa~ is a free RPG originally released in 2007 (though with several, apparently pretty substantive additions since then), written by Denjirou Jr. of doujin circle Door. It is available at Freem and Vector.

Original title: 扉の伝説~風のつばさ~

HP (internet archive) vndb

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The Dark Souls of fairy tales.

BLACKSOULS -Kuro no Douwa to Go-Mahime- is a HRPG (and a pure RPG, not a vn hybrid) released on 2017 by doujin circle Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe?, written and illustrated by Sushi Yuusha Toro. It is available at DLsite (link 18+). EGS

BLACKSOULS II -Itoshiki Anata he Okuru Fushigi no Kuni- is its sequel, released on 2018. It is also available at DLsite (link 18+). EGS

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